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I'm Paige.

Yeah but who?

I could talk about myself for quite a bit, but here's the part you're here for:

I have grown up and am currently residing in the Fraser Valley. I was always the "artsy" kid in school and transferred over to an Integrated Arts school for secondary. There my love of all things art and creative blossomed. I consider myself a well-rounded artist as I use all mediums including textiles, music, photography, film, and traditional art. Right now, design is my focus. Design is my goal. 


Artist 2000 - present

Art Director 2020

Designer 2018 - present


Visualizing, Creative and Artistic Direction, Branding, Illustration, Photography, Conceptual Designer


Adobe Suite


Art supplies

Sewing machine


Email - (to be updated)

Tel - 604-855-2848

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